McLean Sheperd
Heiros Gamos
mixed media on wood panel
36 x 81"

This painting did not start out to be a hermaphrodite. It existed for about 2 years as a full feminine self-portrait until I realized I needed to develop certain qualities to be more effective in the world. The image required not just the creative contemplation of what it would look like to have a penis, but moreso, the contemplation of the best qualities of the masculine archetype: to move in the world with a naturally potency, not aggression or defensiveness, but the successful force of
The mediation upon the possession of the opposite set of genitals has had a profound effect on my conception of what it might be like to be a man. I recommend it for both men and women to imagine what it would be like to have the "opposite" as an exercise in the development of the fullest experience of being who we are.
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