McLean Sheperd
As an artist and physician, I recognize that art represents a critical aspect of healing --- for the individual, the culture and the planetary community. All people need to express their imagination through art-making to be truly whole. When a person engages creatively with the world, it shines forth as inner vitality, confidence and beauty.

Creative energy is life force energy, which is the energy of eros and of attraction. Art-making, in any form, makes a person more fully alive. Authentic vibrance and radiance is the result. This can be seen as natural and authentic beauty: the beaming face.

The power of art to heal comes from imagining what can be and then representing this with symbol, ritual & allegory. This is a transformative process which affects the artist by opening her to possibility and to the vastness of her own consciousness; it also emanates from the created work, to affect others with beauty & truth.

The presence of art in homes and public places makes a community healthier and more beautiful. When married to good science and medicine, vibrant artistic expression is what makes both an individual a culture truly well. This health radiates outward to affect the planet and the cosmos.